On July 13th, 2017 Façade Academy of the Arts will hold its 4th Annual Art Beat festival. In partnership with the City of Vaughan’s Economic & Culture Department and Canada 150, the community has embraced this exciting festival.  Our upcoming event will be our largest and best one yet!  As advocates of arts and culture, Facade Academy is reaching out to the entire community to showcase and celebrate the amazing talent found right here in Vaughan. Each year Art Beat provides a large platform of opportunity for our Facade Students to be showcased at.

Many of our students walk away from this EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY gaining impressive experience that have led them to College/University Scholarships and Employment at some of the industry’s most reputable corporations. 

Façade Academy’s students will have the opportunity to:

-DISPLAY their artwork in our Student Showcase at Art Beat as their year-end showcase.
-SELL their artwork on Artist’s Ally as an opportunity to gain industry experience and network with industry professionals
-WIN Awards & Scholarships presented on stage at Art Beat
Friends and family are all invited to come out and witness their hard work and accomplishments this last year…


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Our highly anticipated 2017 Awards & Scholarships:

Recipients will be awarded our signature hand-crafted awards on our festival stage by Façade instructors and other special guests.  Façade Academy students will be assessed on their work, skills and passion from Aug 2016- July 2017. 

Winners will be announced in June 2017. 

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Awards  include:

Awards: (Offered to students under the age of 15)

Creative Coaching 

Creative Development

Creative Expression

Creative Explorer  

Façade Imagineer


Scholarship: (Offered to students over the age of 15)

Canada 150 Award

Architecture/Interior Design

Graphic Design 

Animation & Illustration 

In addition to these awards, Façade Academy has also partnered with Critique Week to present a film component to the Art Beat awards presentation.  

Click the image below for more info on Critique Week and how to be eligible for the Film award.


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Submission Deadline: May 12, 2017.  

Please send all submissions to: info@facadeacademy.com