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Fashion Arts and Design

Fashion Arts and Design
  • Fashion Arts and Design
  • Fashion Arts and Design
  • Fashion Arts and Design

One of the most creative industries is fashion.  Internationally it represents cultures and diversity through its styles.  The industry is divided into four segments: Haute Couture, luxury, affordable luxury and discount brands. Understanding the different segments in fashion is essential prior to entering the industry.  Designers must choose a segment they wish to design for and market their brand appropriately.  Working in the fashion industry is exciting; there are so many choices and career opportunities, each with their own design requirements.  There are also careers in the theatre and entertainment fields that also present fashion and costume design opportunities.  The competition is high and professionals who wish to mark their place in this fast-paced industry must properly prepare themselves.  The fashion industry provides a lot of glamour on the forefront, but behind the scenes, it requires a lot of hard work and creativity.  If you are interested in fashion or costume design, if you wish to have your own label, if you picture yourself sitting front row at the biggest fashion shows in Europe, sketching the latest trends, designing fashion magazines and ads, then our fashion arts programs are perfect for you.  From such a young age students are intrigued with the beauty of fashion, nurturing that interest and talent will only promise greater success in their future.


 FALL TERM (Sept.-Dec.-16 weeks)

WINTER TERM (Jan.-Apr.-12 weeks)

SPRING TERM (Apr.-Jun.-12 weeks)

SUMMER TERM (Jul.-Aug. -8 weeks)

Beginner Fashion Arts 

This is an introduction to fashion design.  Students will learn the basics of: fashion croquis and figure forms, style, design, proportion and fabrics.  Fashion design is a result of creative development and a good eye for style and detail.  This program will provide students the opportunity to design their own fashion collections, brand and advertisement for their favourite magazine.   Students are encouraged to express their creativity, personal style and fashion sense.  A 20 minute break will be given half way into the class.  Students may bring maintenance free and peanut free snacks.  We require clean workstations at all times.



Intermediate Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration is the creative interpretation of fashion design.  Not only do designers develop ideas for incredible masterpieces, they also learn to stylize them for story boards, design presentations and magazine ads.  Students who aspire to become designers or fashion media illustrators are recommended to enrol in our fashion illustration program.  It includes creative development concepts for: layouts, design presentations, fashion editorials, colour theory, brand identity and stylization.



Intermediate Fashion Design 

Fashion design is a respectable art form.  It requires imagination, creativity, understanding fabrics, figures and silhouettes, colour theory, trends and image.  Fashion designers need to take all of this into consideration when they create their collections.  Students will learn the precision of design and proportion, creativity through use of colour and fabrics and style with purpose and functionality.  They will design and present their collections professionally in technical form by industry standards.



Advanced Fashion Art, Illustration & Life

Students who aspire to become designers and apply to fashion design post-secondary schools are highly advised to enrol into this program.  The focus of this program will be to conceptualize and design collections using a variety of figure forms taken from both resources and from life drawing exercises.  Students will present their collection in a variety of stylized illustrations for various industry and media presentations.



Advanced Fashion Design & Technical

This program will focus on understanding all elements and concepts in designing garments.  Students will exercise techniques in fabric behaviours, qualities and characteristics, they will also learn to design garments and accessories with functionality and purpose.  All designs will be drawn in conceptual and technical form by industry standards.  This program will provide students with technique and skills that they are required to learn for preparation toward college/university programs.



Advanced Fashion and Costume Creative Development 

Creative development is the key to success.  It is highly encouraged that students explore and experience a variety of projects that will challenge their imaginations and ability to think outside the box.  This program is not focused on realistic design ideas.  Rather, it provides an opportunity for students to forget about industry standards and trends and freely express their creative talents toward: wearable art, costumes, fashion design and show pieces.