Vaughan Film Festival 2013 – Featuring Façade Academy

Vaughan Film Festival 2013 – Featuring Façade Academy

What is VFF?

The Vaughan Film Festival is a two-day event that features international short films and art forms of all genres. VFF’s goal is to create a platform that will inspire artists and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talent on an international level. The event consists of one day screenings as well as an awards dinner the following evening, The Grand Social, commemorating the filmmakers, directors, and actors in their respected categories. The Vaughan Film Festival is rapidly expanding and is already being recognized by many leading influences in the film industry.

 What have we done?

Directing Sponsor


Exclusive academy featured


Provided two, $1,500 scholarship awards to two aspiring artists in Vaughan


Designed, fabricated and donated set design


10 students chosen to be featured in the gallery


Best Actress award was inscribed and presented by Façade Academy


Creative Director Mina Spremulli gave a speech at the media launch on Tuesday, March 19 at Springhill Suites for the official press release of VFF discussing the schools involvement and her insight into the arts and design industries and why she is committed to supporting aspiring artists.
Alongside her was Mayor of Vaughan, Maurizio Bevilaqua, President of Royfoss and President of Scotiabank.
On April 18, the night of the film screenings at Colossus and on April 19 the night of the Grand Social Gala,  Mina was interviewed by the media about how she is supporting local artists and is contributing to VFF.

One of the topics discussed during the interviews was about the 10 foot, 1000 lbs display piece designed and donated by the school and fabricated and donated by Airport Railings Group of Companies


The display piece is a celebration of the arts. A unique structure that highlights what VFF is all about. The students of Façade contributed by designing unique art pieces made specifically to fill the film strip. Mina collaborated with Airport Railings Group of Companies, who generously fabricated and donated the materials and their time to such an incredible piece of art, in support of the arts and design industries.

 [Click Here] to view the structural concept for the display piece


Not only did the students have the amazing opportunity to showcase their work on the display piece, but they also displayed work in the gallery during the Grand Social Gala. 

*Here are some of the artists from the academy with their artwork*
Click the photo to enlarge.


                                               Sara Damiani                      Andrew Del Rizzo                             Macella Cinelli



               Victoria Brocca                    Alessia Agozzino                  Ashley Campana

Grand Social Gala Overview

Festival Directors- Mark Pagliaroli & Antonio Ienco

MC & Host- Rick Campanelli (from ET Canada)




Special Effects- For Clearer Sky





Best Film- Mi Ojo Derecho

Best Director- Josecho de Linares for Mi Ojo Derecho




Best Actor- Orestes Matacena as Mac (Caged Dreams)






Best Actress- Fatima Ptacek as Sophia (Curfew) [also the voice of Dora the Explorer]




 Scholarship Winners

Christina Laronga and Selina Testani each received a $1,000 bursary from VFF and a 36 week Motivational and Leadership Career Development program from Façade Academy of the Arts, valued at $1,500

Look out for what Façade Academy showcases next year at VFF— Spring 2014!

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