Artemis, the Greek goddess of the wild that epitomizes beauty, strength and freedom.  It is also the name of the fabulous place from which I have been purchasing all my jewelry since it first opened in Woodbridge.  I have an incredible relationship with Nancy and Amie Di Carlo, the very fashion forward and creative owners of Artemis.  These women have a passionate and unique vision and explore the world to bring to their customers the finest designers of luxurious fashion & bridal jewelry, stylish accessories, and extraordinary gift items. In fact their collections have garnered attention from celebrities and popular fashion magazines where their designers are often featured.  They are amazing and truly know their stuff.  Not only that, they allow for flexibility to change any of their pieces to better suit the needs of their fashion conscious clients, or even design pieces from scratch to customize style and color in order to achieve a desired look.  In addition, their jewelry is made of the best quality materials such as Swarovski crystal, pearl, precious stones, nickel-free metals, 22-carat gold finishes, silver and leather.  It is for all these reasons that I continue to walk through their doors in search of unique pieces and also why I have decided to work so closely with them on fabricating the pieces to accessorize my fairytale.