Letters of Completion

Letters of Completion are awarded to all our students, to acknowledge their enrollment into Façade Academy programs.  Each letter will be given a classification that will identify the student’s accomplishments within the program.  Students who attend over 70 percent of the classes scheduled for their program, who complete all final projects assigned and demonstrate advanced understanding and skill in the techniques instructed, will receive a “Certified” classification on their Letter of Completion.  Students who do not meet these requirements will receive an “Uncertified” classification on their Letter of Completion.  Students who wish to achieve their Façade Certificates as noted below, are required to receive a “Certified” classification on all their Letters of Completion for  the pre-requisite programs.  The benefits of our Façade Academy Certified-Letters of Completion and Certificate Programs are to enhance the student’s credentials while applying to specialized secondary and post-secondary institutions, as well as Career Opportunities.  They will be acknowledged as Façade Academy students and commemorated for their advanced preparation and determination to seek the best education available toward their future goals.


Façade Academy of The Arts is proud to award our students with Certificates to acknowledge their accomplishment and completion of specific programs.   They must receive a Certified classification on all Letters of Completion in the pre-requisite programs listed below.  These programs are essential in the development of: skills, techniques and creativity required at each level.  Certificate students will be provided the opportunity to be included in our Student Showcase.  Students can use the showcase as a creative presentation tool to support them in their personal, academic and professional development.


Façade Academy Certificates: