Celebrated American author Mark Twain once said “clothes make the man”, but more so  I believe that not only do clothes make the person, but the occasion as well.  What would afternoon high tea be without white gloves?  A carnival ball without a mask? A walk on the beach without a large brimmed hat and sunglasses? A fairytale princess without a gown?  Every fair maiden at some point (whether assisted, or on her own) experiences that fabled moment of wonder when cloaked in her perfect attire.  That perfect piece of couture designed with memories in mind.  Belle rifling through a myriad of dresses in the wardrobe before deciding on her full yellow gown when preparing for her dinner with the Beast; Tiana finding her to-die-for blue gown for the masquerade ball; Pochaontas who dresses in “English” robes when she attends the ball of King James and Queen Anne in the “new world”; Mulan prepped and primed to be transformed from a tomboy to a gorgeous geisha; Queen Elsa who sheds her cloak and sparkles in a crystalized blue gown; or Merida clothed for her coronation in long frock embroidered with Celtic patterns a piece of her family clan kilt.  Each of these princesses were dressed for their moment, as I too will be dressed for mine.