At Façade Academy of The Arts we are always in search of talented individuals who would like to instruct and mentor students into becoming new, up and coming artists and designers.  We offer professionals the opportunity to instruct at various levels for group and private classes.  We also encourage talented professionals who have unique and specialized skills to coordinate workshops to offer our students seasonally.

Internship Opportunities Available !

We welcome students and young professionals to apply for internship opportunities at the academy. We are enthusiastic to offer support to those who are interested in gaining more experience in multiple facets of the arts and/or design fields.  Applicants must submit their resumes and portfolios as well as express their interest to become a part of our academy.  We will do the best that we can to accommodate you.  Please contact us for further details.

Applicants seeking employment must be experienced to work with any or all of the following levels: Toddler/Kinder, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and/or Adult students.  Applicants must be practicing artists, able to present a current portfolio of their work, resume and references.  Secondary and Post-Secondary education and related work experience are necessary.  Applicants must be able to instruct programs listed in our Program Guide.  Please contact Mina Spremulli for further details. Thank-you!


Please submit your resume to for employment opportunities.