Fabricate, from the latin fabricatus meaning to fashion or build.  As a designer and an art instructor I am immersed in world of design on both a personal and professional level.  I live to create, to fabricate, whether in my classroom or my living room.  Shaping thoughts and visions into art (through many of its mediums) is where my passion lies and the process to which I am dedicated.  While I often focus on providing a creative platform from which my students and clients can express their creativity, I am now setting the stage for my own self-expression in the fabrication of my own personal fairytale.

Before this story unfolds any further, I should go back to the preface and introduce you to its protagonist, me, Mina Spremulli. I am the Creative Director at Façade Academy of the Arts Inc., where I have been instructing art and design for 10 years.  From my alma mater, I graduated with a Bachelor in fashion design, specializing in costume design as well as business communication and marketing.  I am also a professionally certified image consultant and a self-taught artist in fine arts, mixed media and graphic design. My trade is one of imagination and inspiration; one whose process has many applications, including the planning of a special event. 
  An event that bears my personal signature in all its details, a customized, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
To my students I demonstrate the power of creativity and assist them in unlocking theirs, which is also my aim in telling my story. My hope with this narrative is to impress upon you, the design process and offer up learnings that you can take away and apply to a moment of your choosing. From the selection of apparel, to thematic florals, to the perfect confections and the snapshots of memories.

Follow me as I take the step towards making my vision come   to life!