We are so excited to announce that our First Annual Disney World Field Trip is booked! We will be going to Disney on July 19 to July 25, 2015. WE CANNOT WAIT!!



Our students are so excited.  It’s the talk of every class!!

Our trip to Disney will include taking part in the internationally renowned Disney Youth Education Series, where our students will participate in daily workshops taught by Disney artists, animators and educators. The workshops are available to children 12 years old and up, and cover some of the basic aspects of the Disney artistic vision.

Some of the workshops that Façade students and instructors will be attending are:


Exploring Disney Animation History 

Backstage at Cirque Du Soleil

Leadership Strategies

Photo Storytelling

Teamwork through Improvisation


 These workshops will assist to develop our young artists and prepare them for a fruitful career in the arts, while training them in important leadership and teamwork skills!

We are so lucky to be able to coordinate this amazing experience for our students to learn from the best innovators and creative thinkers in the world AND at the best place in the world!

Stay tuned for more as we countdown the days to our field trip.

Only 138 days to go!