El Catrin –  An Artistic Expression of Mexican Cuisine

 A great restaurant has not only delicious food, but an inviting and unique ambience. El Catrin, a staple of Downtown Toronto’s historic Distillery District, houses authentic Mexican cuisine with one of the most amazing decors the city has ever seen!

Black lights shine on decorative Mexican-inspired walls painted with bright colours, with intricate designs and sugar skulls taking over the huge wall space. A large floor to ceiling display of glowing skulls is the focal point, embellished with beautiful designs.

Designed by Mexican street artist Oscar Flores over a period of 6 weeks, he used special black light paint to highlight the many shapes, textures and skulls in his gigantic mural. The black light paint also moves when the music is pumping, vibrating along to the beat and completing the jaw-dropping ambiance that he has created.
We love how all the colourful and black-light infused décor makes you feel like you are in another world, and we can’t wait to go back!

Check out El Catrin on their website and Facebook to try their authentic Mexican cuisine in an atmosphere unlike any you’ve experienced!

Mexican street artist Oscar Flores spent 100 days completing the mural that covers the walls of El Catrin.