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It has quickly come to the time of year when the Façade Academy team comes together to design one of our many incredible Christmas window displays! For 2015’s winter window display we would like to present you with Facade’s Christmas Classics! Inspired by the Christmas classic  A Christmas Carol,  our team put together a stunning display full of traditional Christmas  elements!
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Over the past month our Christmas set was custom designed to fit our unique space. Each piece was hand designed, drawn, cut, and painted by our wonderful staff. We’ve created an outdoor scene indoors by using a mix of warm and cool lights, which gives us the sense of warmth in a “cold space.”  With great attention to detail we bring to you a remarkable scene from  A Christmas Carol.
We chose to represent A Christmas Carol in this years window display to remind our students about the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas should not be focused on ourselves, rather on being selfless. Christmas is a time for sharing memories, giving to others in need and celebration, just as Ebenezer Scrooge learns in this Christmas tale. The Ghosts of Christmas have come to Scrooge representing past, present and future. Each of our hand painted ghosts is a symbol for our students to think back on all of the wonderful Christmases they have shared with their families, to do good towards others and work hard for the present and to think positively about all future endeavors to come without worry of the past. Last but not least we chose to display this christmas classic to symbolically represent choice. During this Christmas season, it is important to reflect on all of the choices we have made in our lives and to think of even better choices for the future. Some, such as ones in Scrooge’s past, we try to forget but as taught to us through this magical Christmas tale “The choices one makes in the present and future are just as important as those in the past.” In art is important to remember that all of our choices are stepping stones that lead us down our destine paths to greatness!
We couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Façade’s Christmas Classics have truly come to life at Façade Academy!
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Facade Website Christmas Card
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