Jewellery By Karen

Karen Mc Farlane is the owner and principal designer of Jewellery by Karen, a couture-inspired, limited edition “art to wear” jewellery line catering to fashion divas not afraid to turn heads. She is a renowned jewelry designer who has received attention in many couture, bridal and fashion magazines and showcased in Toronto Fashion Week events.  Though she is based in Niagara Falls I was introduced to her creativity at Artemis, for she is one of their featured designers, one of my favorite in fact.  Her beautiful custom creations are the ones I drool over for they seem to have my name written all over them.  Her pieces are inspired by art, travel, architecture and fashion.  We have a lot in common as two diverse designers.  Each of her pieces is handcrafted using  individually chosen gemstones, freshwater pearls, sterling silver beads, horn, wood, feathers, nut seeds, leather and findings from around the world; as well as diverse beading techniques, such as hand wire wrapping, hand knotting and the use of flexible mini cable adding strength and durability.  Simply put, she creates over-the-top, incredible pieces of art to wear as jewelry.  She is a talented and passionate artisan whose work can only be described as rare beauty and I am truly excited to be working with her on my fairytale accessories.