Come Discover The Mastery of The Arts!

Students need to be presented with connections to opportunities that will assist them on their journey toward their personal, academic and career development.  It is essential to learn and gain insight into the world around them.  Creativity is an extraordinary talent, but it can also be very challenging.  Students need professional mentors and services that can encourage their desires, feed their talent and guide them in the right direction toward their aspirations.  Our instructors are professionals who practice their specialty continuously and have an abundance of experiences, contacts and tricks of the trade to share with your students.

We welcome all schools to come visit us.  Contact us in advance to book: a tour, workshop and/or presentation.


We would love to be the source of their inspiration!

Choose from the following workshops:
  • “Illuminating Concepts”
    Visual Art & Design Workshop
  • “Haute Couture”
    Fashion Design Workshop
  • “Encouraging Choices”
    Careers Workshop
  • “Preparation, Practice & Personalization”
    Motivation & Leadership Workshop
  • “Lasting Impressions”
    Portfolio Preparation Workshop

In addition to these workshops, we also offer seasonal Workshops available only in-house.

 *Tours are available upon request.

*We offer informative, inspiring and motivating                                                             presentations to students of all ages.
  • Careers In Arts & Design
  • Portfolio Development
  • Professional Presentation Skills
  • The Secrets To Creative Development
  • Developing A Competitive Edge
  • The Latest In Arts & Design: innovations, trends, materials, programs and more . . .


Please contact us for further details.

We would love to share our wealth of knowledge,
skills and training with you!