Fit for a Princess

“And now to make a lovely dress fit to grace a fair princess” says Flora the good fairy with a wave of her wand, magically weaving fabric into a flowing gown for Princess Aurora.  I, much like one of my favorite princesses, was swept up in the magic woven by Ines De Santo, though admittedly, the moments leading up to my second fitting were anxious ones.

(a bit of humor for your enjoyment!)

Preparation for this next fitting included the completion of my shoes, which by the way, I did end up working on myself.  It took me a total of sixteen hours to realize them, not including the countless hours spent sourcing materials and fabrics.  That time investment however, was well worth it for they turned out better than I could’ve imagined.  It is difficult at times to translate designs from paper to real life and with the exception of one detail that looked better on the sketch pad than on the shoe, my vision came to fruition.  My taste and quality craftsmanship are evident and the shoes are stunning….hmmm maybe I should’ve been a shoe designer.

I carefully packed up my shoes, along with a few other embellishments that I am considering for my gown and tried to settle the butterflies fluttering around inside my stomach in anticipation of my fitting the next day.  Sleep did not come easily as I lay thinking about slipping into my dress.  The images of my first fitting going through my mind; imagining the transformation from then until now. The second fitting will see all my texture and details applied; the new silhouette that we adjusted from the first fitting; the gorgeous pieces I chose for the neckline; and the fullness and length.  With the exception of a few tweaks here and there, this will be it, the nearly finished masterpiece, and all I could think about, was whether the dreams of my perfect gown, would be fulfilled.

My 1pm appointment could not come soon enough, in fact, I think I presented myself a little early. I was greeted by one of Ines’ assistants, Melissa, who ushered me up the winding staircase to the change room.  The moment was a little reminiscent of that of another princess, Cinderella, making her way up the castle steps.  My heartbeat became a little faster with each step up to the top where I was awestruck to see my gown, hanging there, waiting for me.  This was the moment I was waiting for after months of designing and prepping.  Melissa spoke to me about how the seamstresses and the rest of the Ines De Santo’s team had enjoyed working on my gown, and how many of them were actually present for this fitting to the see the result of our incredible collaborative effort.

I slipped into my gown, was assisted with the lacing and then slipped into my shoes before making my way over to the grand studio mirror.  A hush literally fell over the room as I stood and stared at my dream being reflected back at me.  What a sight. I was love-struck.  Ines soon joined us upstairs with a huge smile on her face and we embraced one another, having together accomplished something so beautiful.  She brought my design to life. 

After we finished admiring all the craftsmanship, we determined a few minimal changes were in order, but the majority of it was perfect.  The fit was perfect and the details were applied perfectly.  We still had to alter the hem line and fullness in a few areas, and we decided that adding a few more details into other areas was necessary.   We reviewed the new changes and made note when to have them ready by (my wedding is only 5 weeks away now) and set the date for the last fitting.  It is a challenge to find designers that only require 2-3 fittings to complete a custom gown to their clients expectation (believe me, I speak from experience).  But Ines and her elite team of talented designers did it.  Impressive, right?

With the gown in its state of near completion, the focus shifts back to the jewelry (which I have not yet been able to try on with my gown).  It’s time to call Karen and materialize that design as well.  The crunch is on.

Unfortunately, I struggled trying to find photographs to display with this post.  Vanessa Galle did a wonderful job at photographing my gown, however the gown is nearly complete and at this point I cannot reveal the details of it until the day of the wedding. I’m sorry to disappoint…hang in there!