The Spirit of the Seasons

For this autumn’s window display, Façade Academy instructor Vincent Spremulli was inspired by fusing his collection of mixed-media gowns with the colourful changes of the seasons. This beautiful gown depicts all four seasons – colourful summer blooms fading to the warm-hued freshness of fall, before setting down to sleep for the cold duration of winter.

 This colorful transition of all four seasons is meant to inspire the viewer with the changes and different colours and emotions each season brings. The quote, “Winter is an etching, spring a watercolour, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all,” is an expression of art indicating its existence in nature.  Artists regularly draw inspiration from natural sources, the seasons being a dominant influence.

Vincent’s 2014 Art Collection consisted of wonderful high fashion illustrations with a variety of mediums, allowing for lush, vibrant and fully-formed gowns that help convey the essence of each design. He custom designed this piece for our Academy’s window display, offering us an opportunity to expose our students to the endless possibilities of art. A variety of materials were used to construct this vivacious dress, including flowers, ribbons, fall leaves, tulle, mesh and twinkling lights.

Vincent can be contacted at

Some of Vincent’s work can be seen below.


Vincent can be contacted at