Magical Forest Imaginarium

Façade Academy of the Arts was honoured to serve as the 2015 Vaughan Film Festival‘s Creative Sponsors for the third year in a row. Since the festivals inception, Façade and our partner Airport Railings have been creating dazzling stage set-ups and creative art installations to complement the festival’s grand finale at the VFF Awards.
For this year’s big event on May 28, 2015, we went truly larger than life with our Magical Imaginarium three-tiered art installation. Standing at over 10 feet tall, the custom-designed piece was a culmination of many Façade students and instructors work for the better part of this year.
Check out pictures from the VFF Awards and the work that went into Façade VFF Art Installation on The Making of Façade’s Art Installation blog post!

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2015-06-01 22.01.16(1)

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