Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Tanios came to Canada when he was only 2 years old. Interested in art since a child, he attended KLIM art school in Richmond Hill for cartooning.
After relocating to Woodbridge, Tanios enrolled in the Woodbridge Art School and Gallery for 3 years creating a wide range of art from mediums such as pencil crayon, pencil, pen and ink to acrylic painting, water color and charcoal.  Going to high school at St. Jean De Brebeuf, Tanios took 5 art courses throughout 4 years, in which he explored his creative initiative.  Recently, a video on the Internet exposed Tanios to a rare medium in which not a lot of art is made of.
Spray paint artists on the streets of Rome, New York City, Paris and all over the world inspired Tanios to try out this medium. Results were fun and incredible, acrylic paint spraying out of a can, manipulating homemade stencils and techniques was something Tanios has never done before. Spray paint cans basically contain billions of tiny paint particles and can be used to make a larger picture, just like the universe produces billions of stars making up larger galaxies, which is why space is a consistent theme in Tanios’ spray paintings.


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