The Nightmare Before Christmas – Black Light Set Design


For Façade’s 2014 Winter Window Display, we wanted to go a different route from the traditional Christmas scenery. We were inspired by Toronto restaurant El Catrin’s black light infused decor and wanted to dazzle our students the same way their black lit skulls and designs dazzled us. We thought the perfect movie to fit this glowing theme was the classic Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This set design took over a month of hard work from Façade instructors and students alike. Designing, painting and cutting out each character, as well as the iconic spiral mountain background, took much planning and attention to detail. The main characters, Jack Skellington and the Boogeyman, and the spiral mountain are outlined with tiny Christmas lights adding both a warm and cool glow within the space. Neon paint and white space glow with the numerous black lights lighting the set. These two contrasting lighting effects creates a dynamic and unique ambiance.

We couldn’t be happier with the finished product. The Nightmare Before Christmas has truly come to life at Façade Academy!