On Sunday, November 5, 2012 our team at Faҫade Academydesigned, created, and assembled our winter holiday display in our in-house gallery. The display is filled with copious amounts of colors, textures, lights, and above all creativity.

This display captures the imagination through it’s design and leads it for a stroll through the snowy, holiday streets.

Elements to look for:

-Delicate chocolatey-brown Ostrich feathers
-A flowing garland gown
-Whimsical wrought-iron bench
-Over-sized floating ornaments
-Pure white snow
…The perfect recipe for an intricate display with attention to detail.

We want our students to constantly be surrounded by creativity so they may always leave here feeling inspired whether it be through our events, displays or workshops; while also encouraging our students to search out someone to inspire.


We would like to acknowledge our sponsors who supplied us with their product and services to contribute to this set design that started as an idea and grew into a winter wonderland: