May marks the one year anniversary to our creative blog series “Fabricating a Fairytale” which attracted more then 2000 followers.
It’s hard to believe it’s been one year already!
Facade Academy’s Creative Director, Mina Spremulli, created the original blog series over a year ago in anticipation of her fully customized fairytale wedding in Disney World.
Since then, it’s attracted so many viewers wanting to learn more about how she single-handedly (and with the help of a some amazing local designers) planned, created and executed the perfect wedding, complete with self-designed wedding gown, shoes, accessories, jewellery and so much more.


The blog follows the journey of the design and creative process of planning a Disney Fairytale Wedding, complete with custom rings, flowers, jewellery, shoes, gowns and decor.
Coming from a fashion and costume design background, including fine art instruction, Mina unfolded a truly unique story that provided exclusive tips and tricks for any bride to follow to assist them on their creative planning.  This is truly a story well-told from beginning to end and Disney was proud to feature it and showcase the result.
Facade collaborated with other creative businesses to bring the wedding to life, such as Artemis Fashion Jewellery, Fashion Designer Ines De Santo, Floral Boutique Buds and Bloom, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, and Fashion Boutique Grafic for Men.
Special Thanks to: Vanessa Galle for providing the creative photography, and Jenny Arena for documenting the fairy tale and helping to tell our story though our blog.



It was definitely a Fairy Tale that we’ll never forget!

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