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Leadership & Motivational Training

Leadership & Motivational Training
  • Leadership & Motivational Training
  • Leadership & Motivational Training
  • Leadership & Motivational Training

Our experienced professionals have been working with students for many years, preparing them for Post-Secondary education and career opportunities.  Mina is highly recognized amongst the Colleges, Academies and Universities.  Her high success rate at getting students admitted has been in part a result of the key leadership and motivational skills she provides them along the way.  These skills are offered in programs that guide students toward their preparations not only for College or University, but also to further their knowledge in the Industry of their choice.  This offers students a chance to get a head start on job opportunities in their field.  The process is broken down into three strategic steps, the three “P’s”: Preparation, Practice and Personalization, each customized to the student’s specific needs and goals.   If you are looking to improve your confidence, presentation skills, self image and competitive edge, our leadership and motivational programs are highly recommended.  They are a great way to beat the crowd and get on track toward your academic and career goals.  These specialized programs are designed into 3 levels, each offering a progressive sequence of skills and techniques.



 FALL TERM (Sept.-Dec.-16 weeks)

WINTER TERM (Jan.-Apr.-12 weeks)

SPRING TERM (Apr.-Jun.-12 weeks)

SUMMER TERM (Jul.-Aug. -8 weeks)


Beginner/Intermediate Level One “Prepping Yourself”

Students will begin their journey of self-discovery by identifying their interests and talents.  They will be advised on compatible programs and careers that will fulfill their interests.  Students will become resourceful and knowledgeable in the requirements of secondary anbd post-secondary institutions they wish to apply to as well as future careers.  This will help set them on their path to take the necessary steps to prepare to reach their goals.


Beginner/Intermediate Level Two “Practical Experience”

Having hands on experience is beneficial and valuable; it provides insight and knowledge that theory cannot.  Students will learn about the importance of first impressions.  Understanding behaviour, attitude, reason and rational will assist them to read others better.  They will conduct a series of role-play to guide them through a variety of situations and personality types.  Having learned these skills will prepare them for job interviews and presentations.     Pre-Requisite: Beginner/Intermediate Level One “Prepping Yourself”.


Beginner/Intermediate Level Three “Personal Development”

True leaders undergo multiple levels of personal development.  Learning about oneself never ends.  Students will identify their strengths and weaknesses.  Self-discovery and acceptance are difficult qualities to grow.  Appreciating oneself is a large task; students will be individually mentored through complications they may be experiencing personally, socially and/or academically.  Leaders discover their true colours at a young age and display them everywhere they go.  Pre-Requisite: Beginner/Intermediate Level Two “Practical Experience”.


Advanced Level One “Prepping Yourself”    

As a concrete step toward their future goals, students will first be prepped with all the necessary information, do’s, don’ts and tricks of the trade.  Students will further develop their skills in advanced professional presentation skills, interviews, portfolios, resumes and networking.  They will become resourceful and optimize all opportunities while prepping for a successful future ahead.


Advanced Level Two “Practical Experience”   

Practical experience is a huge asset when entering the work place.  Students will develop advanced networking skills, while being given the opportunity to meet professionals in their field.  This experience puts theory into practice.  Asking relevant questions, learning how to build strong relationships and create their own opportunities.  Students will be prepped with a personal image consultation, etiquette skills and training required to present themselves professionally in social, academic or business events.  Pre-Requisite: Advanced Level One “Prepping Yourself”.


Advanced Level Three “Personal Development”

Personal development is a program created for leaders.  Students will gain a better sense of self.  They will identify their strengths and weaknesses and strategically learn to use them to their advantage.  The core fundamentals that they have learned through levels one and two will be practiced and perfected in this term.  Personalization is the key.  Anyone can follow instructions; however those that succeed in their ability to socialize and trade mark their talent, gain a competitive edge.   This program provides one-on-one mentorship for each student to develop these leadership qualities.  Pre-Requisite: Advanced Level Two “Practical Experience”.