In March 2020, Façade Academy of the Arts introduced the RAINBOW TRAIL movement.

In attempt to spread creativeness and positivity during the COVID-19, our students, instructors and artists from all over the country created custom “rainbow” themed art pieces. Artists have the unique ability to adapt and think outside the box during hard times. 

We received so many beautiful submissions and we want to highlight them.

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Rainbow Trail T-Shirts

Our students were in our thoughts every day during the COVID-19 & we wanted to give them something that would inspire and unify them all!

We are each a different colour of the rainbow, each contributing our individual talents & strengths to the world. And only when the colours come together will the rainbow shine brighter than ever! These gifts were a reminder to stand strong, count your blessings and not your thunderstorms…This is a time of hope, renewal and new life…like our Façade Phoenix…so RISE ABOVE!

Here is a little Behind the Scenes gallery and video to show you what went into making these custom T-shirts.

As a memorabilia montage of the Rainbow Trail movement, one of our instructors – Sarah Hernandez created this beautiful tribute, featuring all of the artwork and students!