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Our new partnerships are opening many doors for young artists to get noticed. Façade Academy and Royfoss CadillacWoodbridge have partnered together to give students top opportunities, exposure and experience towards their professional development. 
The opportunities for students are as follows:
  •  Façade artists participate in a custom art piece give-away promotion by Royfoss.  Upon their new vehicle purchase, each new Royfoss client receives a complimentary custom art pieces created by Façade students.  
  • Each month a new Façade artist will be featured and for sale in the Royfoss dealership showroom. Visit their showroom and experience the new monthly collections!
  • Scholarships are presented by Royfoss to Façade students and upcoming industry talent during select Façade annual events.
  • Façade students are given graphic design and marketing opportunities to gain industry experience and create new graphic design work for Royfoss Cadillac Woodbridge.
  • Our partnership with Royfoss Cadillac Woodbridge is growing each year, stay tuned for more development under-way!
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