Pain, loneliness and isolation. Just a few symptoms felt by children living with chronic illness or injury. It can be devastating and heart-breaking for all and their families.  Often normal, everyday experiences are a wish away. Sick children must depend on physical treatment. But that is only part of the solution.

Since 1989, Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has provided   innovative programs designed to lift the spirits of these children and their families when they need it the most.  Starlight’s mission brings fun and laughter to children whatever their illness and wherever they live.  Delivered in and out of hospital, Starlight’s programs provide a positive outlet for children, their siblings and their parents.

The Foundation’s programs and services deliver many meaningful benefits.  Research has shown that Starlight’s work:

  • Stimulates the senses.
  • Promotes the healing process.
  • Provides a positive experience during hospital treatment.
  • Assists the medical care team in patient compliance.
  • Provides essential respite from the strain of living with serious or chronic illness by giving a positive focus for the child and the family.
  • Enables important social connections with others facing similar challenges, and helps to maintain the family spirit.

Façade Academy is dedicated to supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation through initiatives like fundraising galas, charitable events, and small workshops hosted at the academy annually.

Our Contributions

Façade Academy students participate in the Grafic Art Gallery featured at Starlight Children’s Foundation annual events.  This innovative art experience provides a platform of opportunity, exposure and fundraising for our students, who share their knowledge of fashion, fine arts, computers and multi-media studies with Starlight children.  This creates a wonderful environment in which youth support youth.

In recognition of student achievements and efforts toward Starlight Children’s Foundation, one lucky artist from Façade Academy who demonstrates the most dedication, commitment and artistic achievement during the course of annual events in support of Starlight, will have the opportunity to win a scholarship from Grafic.

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