At Façade Academy our focus is the development and success of our students.  We believe that by providing professional connections through opportunities and exposure, we will enhance each student’s experience and assist them in their journey toward success.  The arts and design industries are highly competitive and most students struggle to find opportunities that will provide them with the hands on experience employers seek.  Without these placement opportunities students are unable to acquire the positions they deserve when they enter the work place.  At Façade Academy we encourage our students to enrol in as many programs as they can accommodate and gather as many skills, technique and tricks of the trade they require to develop their talent.  We offer mentoring and consultations to ensure students are on the right track to achieving their goals.

Our workshops provide them with exclusive, unique and skillful training in specific areas of art and design.  Our field trips assist them to explore the industry and learn from a day’s experience speaking with and being trained by professionals currently in the industry. These experiences are made to inspire them with fun and exciting activities.  We do the best that we can to continuously provide our students with what they need.

Students who demonstrate their development and understanding of concepts, skills and techniques, who have completed several workshops and attended many field trips, are awarded with further opportunity toward student internship programs.  These students have proven that they are ready to get full hands on experience in the work place.   They will represent Façade Academy through internship opportunities that we will organize for them within our business network.  These internships are a huge asset to their resumes and applications toward specialty schools, programs and job opportunities.  It is a known fact that students who volunteer their time and get as much exposure, experience, opportunities and connections as they can, excel the most and become successful.

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