The Perfect Fit


“Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life”, not just any pair, the perfect pair with the perfect fit which is determined by a number of factors.  First off, the heel.  I love wearing heels, particularly tall 5-6” ones and I do so on a regular basis.  The heel is so important and is what sells me on a shoe even before the color and style.

In my particular case, shoe selection is based on the heel height, width and how big the gap is between the heel and the front platform.  This gap says everything.  It will tell me right away if this shoe is going to make my leg look long and lean, if it will accentuate my calves, or make my leg look relaxed and frumpy.  It’s also important to take into consideration the length and shape of your leg with the heel and gap.  Next I look at colour and pattern and then I analyze the straps and their placement.  If the strap goes directly around my ankle, it will shorten my legs, if it cuts into a “V” and comes down the front of my foot, it elongates; if it’s a strappy shoe across my toes, will it make my feet look wide, if they straps criss cross on the back of my ankle, it will make my lower leg look unproportioned to my upper leg.  If the peep toe is too wide, it doesn’t flatter the toes, if it’s a tiny peep toe, it’s sexy, I look to see if the shoes give me toe cleavage, and if my arch sits well into the sole.  Having your arch come slightly out of the shoe is sexy, too much just tells someone that the shoes are too big for you.  Completely hidden arches inside the shoe make your foot look a bit flatter.  These are the variables that I analyze when shopping for shoes or when trying to match the perfect shoe to my wardrobe.

Some shoes are so beautiful in the way they have been designed, but look horrible on the foot.  Most people buy shoes because they are fashionable, not because they are the right style for their body and foot.  If you have a larger foot, you definitely want to buy a shoe that has a smaller gap between heel and front platform, you also don’t want to buy too dainty of a shoe otherwise you may find yourself emulating Anastasia and Drizella trying to get your foot into the glass slipper that just won’t fit.