What is VFF?

The Vaughan Film Festival is a three-day event that features international short films and art forms of all genres. VFF’s goal is to create a platform that will inspire artists and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talent on an international level. The event consists of one day screenings as well as an awards dinner the following evening, The Grand Social, commemorating the filmmakers, directors, and actors in their respected categories. The Vaughan Film Festival is rapidly expanding and is already being recognized by many leading influences in the film industry.
Why this is important to our students? This is an opportunity for them to network with industry professionals and showcase themselves as artists to increase their exposure and build their reputation. Their participation in this event will be an essential addition to their portfolio and professional resume. It is a privilege to be one of our 10 selected artists, and we highly encourage our students to participate in this exculsive opportunity.
Parents and family should support their loved one at this event because it is important towards the student’s development. As an artist at their age, they need motivation and encouragement to build the confidence in which every artist requires to be successful. 
For all of these reasons, Façade  Academy has ensured our direct and exclusive affiliation to fulfill our promise to provide these students with the best opportunities, exposure and experience. 
What are the benefits of an event like this? In a city that is rapidly growing, it is essential that the art scene in Vaughan grows as well. The Vaughan Film Festival is a platform created for artists to showcase their talents, independent and student artists alike are given an opportunity and encouraged to pursue their dreams. Students are also given an opportunity to apply for scholarship towards their post-secondary education.
Our Participation at VFF includes: Planning, designing and constructing an Original Creative Set Design created by Façade students and instructors, constructing an original podium piece, attending the Awards Night as VFF’s Creative Sponsors, awarding scholarships to Façade Academy, and much more.





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Vaughan Film Festival 2015

Vaughan Film Festival 2014

Vaughan Film Festival 2013