Discover The Mastery Of The Arts

Discover the mastery of the arts through customized programs, workshops and private classes, offering professional connections through opportunities and exposure for students of all ages.  We are the only academy in Vaughan and the GTA that specialize in portfolio preparation, leadership training, career development, trade and technical skills in:  fashion, fine arts, design and multi-media studies.  Mina Spremulli is the Owner, Creative Director and Portfolio Specialist at Façade Academy of The Arts.

At Façade Academy our students receive the best.  Whether it is for hobby interests, academic or professional development, we are the academy for you.  The entire structure and organization has been strategically designed to train our students into becoming professional artists and designers.  The foundation of our academy is our ability to provide students with real hands-on experience within the industries.  Our professionals are current within their trades and will offer the latest in: technology, tools, skills and techniques that are used today.   This ensures our students develop an innovative, highly sought after competitive edge that schools and employers look for.  The mastery in which they learn at Façade Academy will drive their abilities to become creative thinkers, unique artists and innovative designers.

What differentiates us from other art and design schools in that we instruct and mentor our students custom to their learning styles, keeping in mind the personal, academic and professional goals they seek. We are focused on artistic and career development, providing students with all the tools, supplies, skills, techniques, experiences, opportunities and variety they require to achieve success.

Our Mastery Includes:

Mina Spremulli

For over 10 years she has been working within multiple facets of the design and arts industries, while instructing and mentoring students of all ages. As a Portfolio Specialist, she has had the highest success rates of any art school and/ or academy at having all her students admitted into the programs and academic institutions of their choice *internationally!  Mina has a large network of professionals within the arts and design industries.   They have supported her students by offering internships and hands-on experience in the fields, with opportunities of employment to follow.  Mina Spremulli has over 15 years experience practicing and specializing in design and the arts, she has a Bachelor of Arts in both Fashion Design and Business Communication and a Diploma in Image Consulting.  Mina Spremulli is a dynamic, action-oriented visionary, and a creative artist who possesses visual and social communication skills that reach beyond the imagination.  Mina’s innovative ideas and concepts have been showcased at social, charitable, and industry events around the GTA.  Her ability to build and maintain business relationships makes her a well-known professional in fashion, the arts, design, and marketing.


At Faҫade Academy our instructors are chosen because of their: unique talents, ability to instruct and mentor students as well as their enthusiasm and dedication toward the vision and goals of the academy.  Our team of instructors are: professional, creative, innovative and current with all the tools, skills and techniques required within each program offered.  We are very privileged to have such a wonderful and talented group of instructors, who are a pleasure to work with.  They are professionals who practice their specialty continuously and have an abundance of experiences, contacts and tricks of the trade to share with our students.


Our programs have been carefully designed to provide our students with variety.  Students will be given detailed training on all mediums, skills and techniques.  Projects are customized to each student’s interests and needs, allowing for early exploration, development and preparations toward their goals.  Classes include both professional instructors and assistant instructors to ensure that all students are given the attention and thorough instruction they deserve.


Portfolio Preparation:

At Faҫade Academy we pride in our success toward portfolio preparation and acceptance into high-school, post-secondary and career opportunities.  We have the highest success rates of all the art schools at having all our students admitted into the programs and academic institutions of their choice, internationally! Mina Spremulli has been a portfolio specialist for over 10 years, her reputation and successes are highly acknowledged and respected within the industry.  Mina has a flawless strategy that goes un-matched amongst all schools.  Students will be under the direct mentorship and training of Mina Spremulli and will attend monthly consultations with her to ensure the success of each portfolio.

Private Training:

We offer our students the option of enrolling into termed programs and/or private sessions.  Our entire program variety is also offered in private sessions and can be taken one-on-one or in small groups.  Students who prefer this experience or have tight deadlines toward portfolio submissions are highly advised to book in advance as there are limited spots available.

Certificate Programs:

Students will be awarded with certificates upon completion of a grouping of select programs that are essential toward the complete knowledge, skills and techniques required at each level.  These certificate programs are an asset to their resumes and applications to schools and employment opportunities.  Certificate students are highly acknowledged within the academy and are also featured within our Student Showcase.


Seasonally Façade Academy provides students with the opportunity to enrol in exclusive one-of-a-kind workshops.  These workshops are available during our: Summer, Holiday Break and March Break Terms.  Through these workshops students can learn specialized skills and techniques above and beyond those offered within our programs.  They can practice intricate and detailed skills that they can then incorporate into their other projects and portfolios.  These workshops are an essential asset to developing mastery in the arts.

Membership Program:

Offered to all students enrolled into our termed programs and their immediate family members only!  It provides several exclusive promotions and special offers for our students to enjoy, not just within the academy, but within our network of select businesses that we believe stand out from the rest in: quality, service and diversity.  Faҫade Academy Members gain special privileges and acknowledgement.  We believe that Faҫade students and their families should receive convenient access to necessities and luxuries that can benefit them and their lifestyle.

Mentoring and Career Development

The arts and design industries are highly competitive, Faҫade Academy offers students comfort, security and access to all the information and connections they need to develop an impressive competitive edge and presence within the industries.  We offer complimentary monthly mentoring sessions as a part of our Membership Program, as well as Motivational & Leadership Programs that ensure they are on the right track toward their personal, academic and professional goals.  Mina will place each student on a strategic path that explores all avenues toward their specific interests.  Each student’s journey through Faҫade Academy is customized to their: needs, wants and goals—and that is why we are like no other!

Allergy Free Zone

At Faҫade Academy we accommodate all students within our facilities. Therefore, we are a nut, shellfish and egg free academy.



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