** PLEASE NOTE: Policies and Procedures are subject to change.

Specialized Programs:

All portfolio related classes, privates, programs and workshops are classified as “Specialized Programs”. Also please note on our website whether or not the program or workshop is considered a “General Interest” or “Specialized Program” to determine which policies apply to you. Always inquire for additional clarification.


Adherence to the terms listed in Payment Plans are essential to secure your spot. Failure to do so will reserve our right to cancel your enrollment. An additional $25 charge will be added to your balance to re-enroll within the current program/s you are taking. All Private and Specialized programs/classes must be paid in full by the enrollment deadline. All privates are enrolled on a first come-first serve basis and must be paid in full to reserve your spot.


New students are given 20% off (not applicable to specialized programs, private classes, workshops or trips-please inquire if other promotions are available) their first time enrollment fee.  This promotion expires by the enrollment deadline for that term. After which, the student will be charged the regular class/program rate.  We offer a 10% off sibling promotion, applicable to one sibling off the lowest program fee, this promotion expires by the enrollment deadline for that term.  Tuition students are awarded special promotions depending on their tuition level and are specified on the tuition contract made between the academy and the client.  Please contact us for more details.  These promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

Cancellation Policies for Termed Programs/General Interest Programs:

Students who wish to cancel their enrollment within our termed programs, and termed tuition packages, please make note of the following:

• For cancellations prior to the start date of the program and leading into the 3rd class, you will be reimbursed 50% of the program/s and class/es enrollment fee (termed programs only), a $25 administration fee applies per program.

• As of the 4th class, we reserve all payments toward our program/s and class/es without reimbursement (termed programs only), a $25 administration fee applies per program.

• Students under Tuition Packages for termed and General Interest classes only, who wish to cancel their enrollment into any one program, are NOT eligible for a refund, however, will be offered a credit equivalent to their tuition. Students will receive an academy credit to be used within one year of the initial contract date. The contract expires after one year in which case the credit will no longer be valid.

• Tuition Package students toward termed programs only who wish to exchange from one program into another within the same term, are able to do so without risk of losing their investment or incurring any additional administrative fees or penalties.

• There are NO REFUNDS on purchased products. All purchases are final, no exchanges, refunds or credits apply.

Cancellation Policies for Private Classes & Specialized Programs:

Students who wish to cancel their enrollment within our specialized programs, workshops, private classes and portfolio prep program tuition packages, please make note of the following:

• All workshops, private classes, portfolio prep and specialized program sales are final. Workshops, private classes, portfolio prep and specialized programs are to be paid in full, in advance. There are no refunds for these classes. Student may receive an academy credit only-to be used within one year from their initial contract date.
The contract expires after one year in which case the credit will no longer be valid. Rescheduling credited workshops, private classes, portfolio prep or specialized programs are subject to studio, instructor and time availability and must be booked on a first come-first serve basis. Our workshops, private classes, portfolio prep and specialized programs are in high demand and require booking well in advance to secure your spot.

• We cannot guarantee the same workshops, private, portfolio prep or specialized programs are available all year-round. Please inquire often for our latest course calendar.

• There are NO REFUNDS on purchased products. All purchases are final, no exchanges, refunds or credits apply.

• For tuition student under specialized programs, there are NO REFUNDS under any circumstance. An academy credit MAY be issued by the Director that expires within one year of the initial contract date if the reasons for cancelling pertain to medical reasons or emergency situations.

• When using the credit -if approved- for future classes within the contract dates toward other specialized programs please be aware that these specialized classes are in high demand and require booking in advance to secure your spot. Your spot is not guaranteed even with a credit. PLEASE BOOK YOUR SPOT IN ADVANCE BEFORE CREDIT EXPIRES. We are not responsible if classes are full and you were unable to secure your spot before the credit expiry date.


Special Notice: If a student falls critically ill or currently has some form of disability or special need that has already been brought to the academy’s attention at the time of registration and noted on their personal information form/health form, the student may qualify for a refund if the student is no longer able to complete the program due to this illness or disorder- pending the approval of the Director of the academy ONLY. We make every effort to be fair to each case individually as they are presented to us. The student MUST present a letter by their family doctor, with supporting documentation of their case specifying the condition as severe and will affect their ability to perform. Without this an application for a refund is NOT valid.

Program Cancellations and Alternatives:

If programs are cancelled under any circumstance, government policy or act of god, our team will offer alternative class solutions, if available and when and where possible. These alternatives will be made available prior to offering students a credit. REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES. The alternatives will be equivalent in value to the fee paid toward the current registration or contract. Should the student choose to wait until the situation has been resolved to resume with their original registered program schedule, they will be offered a credit in the mean time, to be used within one year from the original registration/contract date. Under any circumstance, government policy or act of god, if our programs are cancelled for reasons out of our control, a REFUND is NOT applicable at any time. Under these circumstances a credit will be issued for the full amount of registration (no additional registration fees will apply) and ONLY under these circumstance will the credit be applicable for one full year, starting from the date of the current registration or contract and can be applied toward any camp, any general arts program, specialized program,
workshop or merchandise. The credit cannot be applied toward field trips.

Field Trip Payments and Cancellations:

Our field trips are specialized and require a great deal of organization and preparation. They require advanced bookings and reservations of professional instructors, time and locations. All field trips must be paid in full in advance to reserve your spot. Some field trips are not eligible for refunds or credits-please review individual field trip contracts and forms for additional details-such as our Annual Disney Trip. Field Trips are subject to student enrollment. If we do not have the minimum number of students enrolled, the field trip will be cancelled, and students will be reimbursed. Conditions Apply.

It is the student’s responsibility to attend all termed program classes and therefore will not be reimbursed for any missed classes. We do our best to accommodate our students by providing them with the opportunity to make-up a MAXIMUM of two classes. There are designated days for make-up classes within each term (subject to studio availability- NOT GUARANTEED). Please note that missed classes can only be made-up on the designated dates within the same term (some Specialized classes do not have an alternate class available for make-up and therefore the students who wish to miss these classes must understand that they will not have the option to make up the class). The missed classes will not carry forward into the next terms. Please familiarize yourself with our Course Calendar and make note of these dates, including when the academy closes due to holidays.
Students enrolled into private classes are responsible for their attendance. We require a minimum of 48hrs notice to cancel a private class. Students will not be reimbursed or given a credit for their missed class if they fail to comply with our cancellation policies. If you require cancelling a private class and have done so with a minimum 48hrs notice, students may reschedule their class, pending on studio, instructor and time availabilities, without any penalties.

Program Exchange for General Interest Programs:
Students who wish to exchange their enrollment from one general interest program into another general interest program are able to do so, if the program fees are equivalent and within the same term. This is subject to space availability. However, if they are not of equal value and are within the same term, the student must follow the cancellation policies as outlined above, however can use their initial enrollment fees as credit toward the new enrollment into their desired program. The student will be charged the difference depending on the program chosen if the amount is more than the first contract amount.
If they wish to do a program exchange into a program of less value, they difference will be put toward a credit to be used toward future enrollments within one year of their initial contract after which the credit will expire-based on available spots-book in advance. If they wish to exchange for a program that is not within the same term, subject to space availability, they must follow the cancellation polices as outlined above and then re-enroll properly into their desired program. A $25 administration fee applies per program.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Items:
Façade Academy students are responsible for all of their belongings. We will not be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged items. We provide a box for unclaimed items and do our best to return all items found to our students. Vandalism means a deliberate action that results in damage to property. This includes, but is not limited to, graffiti, damage to facility property and damage to the personal property of instructors, students and guests of the academy. We have a zero-tolerance policy for damages and vandalism, if any of these actions do occur students are to pay for the repair or replacement of the item/ piece of furniture.

Student Behaviour Policies:

Façade Academy is a friendly environment for students to enjoy. We do not tolerate disruptive or inappropriate behavior from any of our students. If we feel that a student’s behavior is unacceptable we reserve the right to terminate the student’s enrollment and they will not be reimbursed of their investment. We pride in a learning environment where students and teachers encourage and support one another, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure everyone receives a first class experience.

Student Assessments:
Assessments are provided to students and their parents in hard copy in class are are provided ONLY as a courtesy, to communicate progress. It is the students and parents’ responsibility to take initiative to seek additional feedback and/or assistance from the instructors. We do our best to provide 2 assessments per term, one in the middle of the term and one at the end (Fall, Winter & Spring Terms only). The assessments will reflect the student’s work ethic and progress. We will provide suggestions and alternate solutions for areas of concern, where required. We will also specify whether the current program is a suitable choice for the student and/or if we recommend alternate options that are more appropriate. The assessment will outline the student’s behaviour and their efforts in communicating with the instructors when they are facing challenges. This is especially important for portfolio students, as these assessments are a direct reflection of whether their portfolio process and progress will result in success or not. If at any time the instructor specifies that the portfolio student is not performing to the best of their ability and not completing tasks expected of them, the instructor will contact the parents to inform them on the situation. At this time the student will be placed on probation, where they will have one more chance to prove their dedication and commitment. If they fail to do so, Façade Academy of The Arts has authority to dismiss the student from the program, at which time they will not be reimbursed for any of the program fees. For all other non-portfolio students who do not dedicate themselves to the work assigned in class, their parents will be contacted to discuss the matter, so the instructor and parent can find an effective solution. These students will not be placed on probation.

Portfolio Students:
Within our policies and procedures document, portfolio students are to follow all notifications listed under “specialized programs”, Façade Academy of The Arts prides in our success toward portfolio development.  We provide effective strategies that have proven to be successful since 2003.  Our instructors specialize in portfolio development and will provide each student with the tools, techniques and skills required to develop a portfolio.  It is the individual responsibility of each student to adhere to the requirements and expectations of this program.  Instructors will provide students with as much assistance as possible in class. Outside of the classroom, students may seek additional advice via email. Additional advice via e-mail, telephone or in person is offered as a courtesy to each student but is not expected nor required of the instructor.  Instructors do their best to assist each student between classes to support the quality of the work produced by each student.   It is the student’s responsibility to seek assistance from the instructor.  Instructors are not expected to follow-up with students outside of the program.  Students are aware that failure to communicate with their instructor may result in a poor portfolio.  Students take on full responsibility of their actions or non-actions, which may not result in a successful outcome for their portfolio.  Our instructors will provide each student with customized training and mentoring in class.  Instructors are not responsible for the final outcome of the portfolio.  The student’s acceptance into their desired program or employment is NOT GUARANTEED. The outcome is specific to the student’s dedication, commitment, quality of portfolio, level of communication with the instructor, project management skills, work ethic, academic grades and performance during interviews, tests, written work and applications.  The instructor is not obligated to provide the student with a letter of recommendation unless the instructor is confidant about the quality of portfolio produced by each student.  Only students who attend all classes and fully complete all portfolio requirements with us, and within our quality standards will receive a letter of recommendation-classifying them as a Façade Academy Portfolio Graduate-Façade Academy Approved Portfolio. Without this classification, Façade Academy does not put its seal on the student’s portfolio because it did not pass our quality standard and what we require of the student to graduate from the specialized program.  To clarify, if a student completes their portfolio at Façade Academy but does not complete it within the scope of the academy’s quality standards, the student will not be awarded a letter of recommendation. Please refer to section “Student Assessments” for additional information, policies and procedures regarding portfolio students and development. In addition, all portfolio student must sign an additional Portfolio Contract once they register with additional policies and procedures they must follow that work in conjunction with this “Façade Academy Policies and Procedures Document”. For any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Certificate Programs:
Certificates are awarded to student who completes the programs listed under the requirement for each certificate, these students must have a high attendance rating and not have any outstanding balances toward programs.

Façade Academy of The Arts Enrollment Waiver:
By signing the registration form, students and parents of Façade Academy of The Arts Inc. have read, understand and accept the type of art activities required to complete all projects on site and off site. Students and parents also acknowledge the risks associated with tools and materials required for each art piece/project. By signing the registration form, students are committed to the program requirements and will demonstrate great work ethic while completing all necessary work. Students and parents are aware that if their behaviour or work ethic does not fulfill the program requirements, students may be asked to leave the program, at which time Mina Spremulli will discuss cancellation, credits and refund policies (if applicable). Students and parents agree to assume the responsibility of any accidental or injury while students are engaged in the activities on site, off site and during field trips for Façade Academy of The Arts Inc., affiliated partners and events. Students and parents hereby release and absolve Façade Academy of The Arts Inc., their volunteers, supervisors or sponsors from any or all claims from such accident or injury. Students and parents also agree to abide by all rules and regulations established by Façade Academy of The Arts Inc. throughout the duration of their enrollment.

Additional Forms and Waivers:
Façade Academy of The Arts Inc. will require students and/or parents to sign additional forms and waivers toward specific programs, activities and events. These waivers and forms will be included in your contract in addition to the main policies and procedures listed within this document. We also provide additional consent forms for permission to publish, video record and photograph students while engaged in Façade Academy of The Arts Inc. related activities. Students must have these forms signed in order to participate in these additional opportunities provided by the academy. Without an authorizing signature, students will not be able to participate, nor will Façade Academy of The Arts’ instructors, volunteers, supervisors or sponsors be authorized to take and/or use these media and publish them for any use by the academy.

Video Surveillance Warning
By enrolling at Façade Academy all students and parents agree to be/have their child under video surveillance for safety and quality assurance purposes!

*For any other inquiries, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. -Thank You!

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