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Revolution Industry Night

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Annually, Façade Academy celebrates our students by hosting an awards and industry night. This unique event allows our students to have their talent showcased within a creative and professional venue where industry members will be gathered to witness their hard work and dedication.

Artists have the unique ability to use visuals as a method of expression. They have the power to create change and spark revolution. We empower our students with this ability to make a difference and inspire others as leaders. Creating a difference and bringing to light our combined love and ideas.

Award Ceremony - Food Stations - Refreshments - Live Art & Entertainment
Ages 14+

* Tickets go on sale January 2019

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Our Students Have Something to Celebrate!

Annually Faҫade Academy features many exciting competitions, providing our students with opportunities and exposure to demonstrate their skills and techniques to showcase their talent. The arts and design industries are highly competitive. We offer friendly competitions for our students to exercise the ability to push their talent above and beyond, explore their skills and think outside the box. These opportunities provide the tools and experience they require to develop a competitive edge and establish their presence in the arts and design fields. Innovation and leadership are highly encouraged within the academy. Students have a full team of instructors and mentors readily available to them. They will assist them on their journey to: personal, academic and professional success.
Students participating in our competitions will be showcased within our in-house Galleria, social media forums and blog. During galas, charity fundraisers and other large events, students will be promoted through a variety of media platforms as well (televisions, magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc.)

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2018 Awards Categories (Offered to students under the age of 15)

Creative Coaching
Creative Development
Creative Expression
Creative Explorer
Façade Imagineer

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2018 Awards Categories (16+)

Graphic Design

Architecture/ Interior
Design/ Industrial Design

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