“Fresh ideas. New perspectives. Innovative designs. Design is one of Mina’s passions. But beyond this, it her love for her craft, genuine client management, and sheer desire to deliver quality results that drives Mina to perfection….with any task. As her professional mentor, I have witnessed the true essence of Mina’s career development and desire to develop her artistic talents in many areas and implement creativity that is driven by excellence. I highly recommend hiring a young, energetic professional like Mina.”

Genevieve D’Souza, Mina’s Professional Mentor & President of Genuine Communications


“My name is Doriana I am the mother of one of Mina’s students. My daughter has worked with Mina on a number of projects during her private art lessons. Mina has shown professionalism and dedication through her teaching.  She cares about her students and she helps guide them to bring out all of their creative abilities and self confidence.  My daughter and Mina worked diligently to put together her art portfolio that she needed for her entry audition into the Regional Arts Program for St. Elizabeth High School. We are very proud to mention that my daughter has been accepted into this program.  If you are in the process of researching an extensive professional art school for your child; I would highly recommend Façade Academy.”

Doriana Miele, Parent


“Towards the end of the program, students demonstrated increased confidence and the ability to set goals and understand the strategies to accomplish their goals. Overall, the program has impacted students by inspiring them and recognizing their abilities and skills.”

Anglea Puleo, offering work opportunities & industry background at Façade


“My name is Santana Miele; I am a student of Mina’s. I was very lucky to meet Mina and have her take me through the process of creating a portfolio. Throughout my time with Mina, I’ve gotten to know her very well. Mina has taught me many different techniques and she’s given me the tools I need to excel further into my art career. I consider her to be my mentor; someone I look up to. I recommend Façade Academy, to anyone thinking of taking their art to the next level. Thank you, Mina from the bottom of my heart. I’m so happy to have been accepted into St. Elizabeth Regional Arts program.  I look forward to taking many more classes with you.”

Santana Miele, Student Gr.9


“Mina is an exceptional art teacher. My daughter has been working with Mina for 3 years and has learned many new techniques and concepts.  Her passion and dedication for her work has inspired my daughter to work on her portfolio in order to prepare her for high school.  Mina is a dedicated teacher and mentor.  I will be forever grateful for her help and friendship.

I would highly recommend Mina to anyone who is interested in learning and pursuing a career in art and fashion.”

Vicky Sorbara, Parent


“As a student with aspirations of my own, Mina’s courses has inspired me in a way I didn’t know existed. I look back at times I spent in her class and thank her for preparing me in all the right ways. It was great to learn about the business of my career choice alongside her personal experiences. Her profession is engaging, and to be a part of her world was a great opportunity. She has become a figure for me both personally and professionally.”

Caryn Ceolin, First Year, Journalism, Ryerson University


“I found that learning about her involvement within the industry helped me realize how to get where I want to be in the fashion industry. And I’m working on it.”

Maria Commisso, First Year, Fashion Business, George Brown College


“Working with Mina Spremulli is an eye opening experience. She have supplied me with the skills to achieve my ambition and goals. As a teacher, artist and designer, Mina helped discipline my creativity and expanded my studies for art and design.”

Vinh Le, Second Year Arts & Design, OCAD, Intern


“I would recommend FAÇADE for anyone interested in getting some inside knowledge on how to network and how to make lasting impressions on people.”

Maria Commisso, First Year, Fashion Business, George Brown College


“Working with Mina has always been a highlight of my learning experience. She is always caring of her students and willing to offer creative suggestions. When teaching art, it is easy to overpower a student with your own style, but Mina knows exactly how much advice to give so that the artwork still represents the student’s personality. She has great insight when it comes to presenting a portfolio and knowing what employers might be looking for. She also always keeps an eye out for special opportunities for her students, which is very helpful when you’re new to the industry. Mina has always been an amazing teacher, mentor and friend.”

Amanda Nickerson B.A, Fashion Design Graduate, Ryerson University


“Mina has guided me with art portfolio preparation. I enjoy working one-on-one with Mina because she is able to understand what kind of artist I am and assist me on how to grow in my artistic ability. She has provided me with guidance and insight to help me meet all my goals and many opportunities to flourish in my artistic career.”

Marla Nazzicone, Gr. 11 Student


“Working with Mina is great, she not only assisted me with my portfolio, she taught me to open my mind and think outside the box.”

Nicole Attisano, Business Communications, George Brown College


“Working with Mina is great; she really helped me develop new art skills, which allowed me to complete my portfolio. The one-on-one class really helps me stay focused on my work and I will definitely continue my classes with her.”

Melissa Sorbara, Gr. 10 Student


“With Mina, I’m that much more excited about art and fashion. She helps take my ideas and make them an amazing reality. She has provided me with amazing opportunities and is always doing whatever she can to help her students reach their goals.”

Celina Benigno, First year Fashion Design, FIT

 Creative Movements


” I really like the Creative Movements class because it gave me a chance to relax and center myself…come up with new ideas and get an idea of what my goals are.”

Alessandra, Gr.12 student enrolled in Advanced Art


“As an instructor, I like to see the students come back to class and create a social environment where they don’t feel intimidated. A place where they can express their creativity and understand each other… collect  the energy from all the artists around them and feel comfortable to self-express. Creative Movements allows the students to open up emotionally and physically, through the yoga movements they are performing and the art they create in the class…”

Vincent, Instructor,  Façade Academy of The Arts Inc.


“When I partake in the Creative Movements part of my class, I feel like my stress levels have been managed greatly. It also allowed me to express what I feel over a period of time freely, through drawing pictures. It is hard to convey what I feel sometimes through words. Because I can draw things based on my feelings and what was on my mind, I feel that it just makes me real. When people see these works of art, they truly undersrtand how I am feeling, what my struggles are (i.e. social issues, school problems, work problems, etc.) and how I will be able to work out said struggles. I’m glad to be part of this experience, and I hope to use what I have taken from it to aid me in everyday things.”

Luis, 26 year old student enrolled in Art Therapy


“Creative Movements in my daughters words is awesome, its fun, it allows her to be creative and expressive. As a parent you want your child to express themselves and learn how to think outside the box and creative movements allows for that. As a teacher Creative Movements would benefit all students especially special needs students. It allows them to be free and to be creative by simply being themselves.”

Ms. Maria Antonietta Arista Vallario, Head of Department, Student Service