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Special Needs Art As Therapy Program

Special Needs Art As Therapy Program
  • Special Needs Art As Therapy Program
  • Special Needs Art As Therapy Program
  • Special Needs Art As Therapy Program

THE BENEFITS OF ART AS THERAPY have been proven to improve the spirits and minds of people living with emotional, physical, cognitive, and social disabilities. Having the freedom of choice and control in art projects can boost self-esteem and self-confidence. Group art as therapy replaces the sense of isolation with a feeling of connectedness, it provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to socialize as well as provide a safe outlet for self-expression.

WHAT WE OFFER is a safe, inspirational learning environment for students of all ages and ability. We are a specialized arts academy that focuses on providing students with specific programs and projects to enhance their artistic ability and to create an outlet for self-expression and freedom. Here at Façade Academy of The Arts we offer our students who have unique and special needs, customized projects and demonstrations to ensure everyone, no matter what the obstacle can participate and succeed in their overall goal.

OUR GOAL is to assist everyone in finding their outlet of self-expression through different medias of the arts. We ensure all of our students will have the opportunity to create and design pieces to reflect on their life and personal experiences.

CREATING ACCESSIBLE ENVIRONMENTS for our students is extremely important to ensure that they have the ability to participate freely and comfortably in all projects. We provide on-site workshops by travelling to schools to make our services more accessible. We also offer classes at Façade Academy of The Arts special needs in our own community.


FALL TERM (Sept.- Dec.- 16 weeks)

WINTER TERM (Jan.-Apr. -12 weeks)

SPRING TERM (Apr.- Jun.- 12 weeks)

SUMMER TERM (Jul.-Aug. – 8 weeks)


Special Needs Art As Therapy (All Ages)

The types of projects given will be based on what we believe will be the most indulgent for each student. We customize every art project to ensure the student will be able to express themselves comfortably and personally. We provide one-on-one attention to make sure everyone receives specific instructional training for their project of choice.

*Note: Consult with Mina on recommended times*


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