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Fine Arts and Mixed Media

Fine Arts and Mixed Media
  • Fine Arts and Mixed Media
  • Fine Arts and Mixed Media

Fine arts are one of the oldest and most celebrated art forms.  Some of the greatest artists in history practiced fine arts and it is because of their incredible masterpieces and talent that we study their skills and techniques today.  Mixed media in visual art refers to an artwork that incorporates more than one medium.  Most often it is confused with multimedia art.  There is an important distinction.  Mixed media includes the combination of various traditional visual art forms, such as: painting, ink, collage, watercolour, pastel and charcoal.  Multimedia art is a term that implies a broader scope, combining traditional visual arts with non-visual art elements, such as: sound, audio, literature, graphics and interactivity.  Mixed media and multimedia art have become very popular in modern day practice.  Artists have exercised their creativity by practicing more than one art form, perfecting their techniques and coordinating all of this together to create finished masterpieces.  The work is much more eclectic.  One cannot compare the beauty and mastery of the fine arts to the complex, creative assortment of mixed media.  Both provide incredible skill, patience, practice, vision and creativity.  Fine arts and mixed media challenge our skills, open our mind, exercise fine motor skills, release stress, capture emotion and stimulate the senses.  It is both fulfilling for the creator and the viewer.  Whether it is for hobby or for professional interest, there is no greater feeling than that of creating your very own custom masterpiece.  These pieces are composed from gestures, which translate through colour and form into our expressions, thoughts and memories.



 FALL TERM (Sept.-Dec.-16 weeks)

WINTER TERM (Jan.-Apr.-12 weeks)

SPRING TERM (Apr.-Jun.-12 weeks)

SUMMER TERM (Jul.-Aug. -8 weeks)


Beginner Fine Art 

Students will be introduced to a variety of fine art mediums.  They will begin with techniques and skills then put them into practice through fun and exciting projects.  Students will complete creative pieces of art work, inspired by what they have learned.  They will begin a portfolio and incorporate these pieces.  A 20 minute break will be given half way into the class.  Students may bring maintenance free and peanut free snacks.  We require clean workstations at all times.



Beginner Mixed Media 

Students will be introduced to a variety of mediums, such as: marker, collage, pencil crayon, paper, plastics and pastel.  They will develop basic understanding of each medium, become familiar with their use and then discover unique ways to combine them together.  This program will exercise both their skills and creative talents to compose one-of-a-kind pieces of art.  These projects will be a great addition to their new portfolios.  A 20 minute break will be given half way into the class.  Students may bring maintenance free and peanut free snacks.  We require clean workstations at all times.



Intermediate Fine Art

This program will focus on the works of famous fine artists from our past.  Students will be instructed on the techniques used by their choice of artist.  They will practice these techniques and brainstorm project ideas influenced by their artist.  They will compose a small collection of art pieces that demonstrate different ideas using the same technique.



Intermediate Mixed Media & Creative Development

Creativity comes through experimentation of many mediums.  The more experience one has the more knowledge and confidence they carry to create pieces of their own.  This program focuses on creative development using a variety of mediums.  Students will present an eclectic collection that incorporates different mediums but work together to present one idea.


Advanced Mixed Media

For students wishing to create impressive pieces for their portfolios, this program is right for you.  Mixed media projects force students to think outside the box and develop their own techniques.  Projects will focus on the student’s ability to play with different mediums and combine them together in creative ways that send a message to the viewer.  Students are given full creative freedom.  It is here that their true talent and potential will shine.



Figure Drawing 

This program focuses on drawing the human figure from live observation both clothed and unclothed.  A range of structured exercises varying from short gestures to sustained poses, the principles of composition, proportion and volume are explored through line and tone and the modelling of light and shadow.  Anatomy and portraiture are introduced, as well as techniques such as measuring, reference point, hatching and contour drawing.



Advanced Fine Art & Illustration 

Mastering in the techniques of fine art and illustration are a gift that must be commemorated.  In this program students will focus on detail and precision of each project assigned.  Students will challenge themselves through the accuracy, proportion and imitation of photorealism.  These projects will be a great asset to their portfolios.



 Advanced Colour Theory & Design Presentation

One cannot underestimate the use of colour.  It is a stimulant for the mind and it engages the audience’s attention.  When used correctly colour can represent a meaning, emotion or quality.  Students will learn the psychology of colour and how to use it to enhance their work.  Incorporating colour into art pieces and presentations can make or break them.  The correct use of colour is one of the biggest tricks of the trade.