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Fashion Arts
Haus of Fashion - About the program
General Interest Program

One of the most creative industries is fashion. Internationally it represents cultures and diversity through its styles. The industry is divided into four segments: Haute Couture, luxury, affordable luxury and discount brands. Understanding the different segments in fashion is essential prior to entering the industry. Designers must choose a segment they wish to design for and market their brand appropriately. Working in the fashion industry is exciting; there are so many choices and career opportunities, each with their own design requirements. There are also careers in the theatre and entertainment fields that also present fashion and costume design opportunities. The fashion industry provides a lot of glamour on the forefront, but behind the scenes, it requires a lot of hard work and creativity. If you are interested in fashion or costume design, if you wish to have your own label, if you picture yourself sitting front row at the biggest fashion shows in Europe, sketching the latest trends, designing fashion magazines and ads, then our fashion arts programs are perfect for you!

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Intermediate Fashion Arts
Illustration & Design
Haus of Fashion
(General Interest Program)

Fashion Illustration is the creative interpretation of fashion design. Not only do designers develop ideas for incredible masterpieces, they also learn to stylize them for story boards, design presentations and magazine ads. Students who aspire to become designers or fashion media illustrators are recommended to enrol in our fashion illustration program. It includes creative development concepts for: layouts, design presentations, fashion editorials, colour theory, brand identity and stylization.
$33/hr (3-hour class)

This program is offered on these dates:
Mon 6-9pm
Wed 5-8pm
Sat 12-3pm

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