“The artist is nothing without the gift, and the gift is nothing without the work” (Émile Zola). Growing up, I had no clue I wanted to pursue a career in art, but I knew I would do something creative.

Since the age of seven, my passion for the arts has always been a dominating presence. I have matured my artistic skills set through specialized art workshops, as well as fine art classes throughout elementary and secondary school. This past June, I completed a four-year regional visual art high school program. During this creative journey, my pursuit to explore different art fields and mediums increased; my interest in illustration became more evident as experience developed.

When exploring university programs, my interest in pursuing a bachelor of design became apparent. The Sheridan Illustration program especially piqued my interest as my research and feedback from alumni, and past applicants only reaffirmed the high quality of education that I would receive in the program. Attending Sheridan this Fall I will be joining the student community and establish myself as a respected contributor to the artist community and a member of a well-known network of graduated professionals from the Bachelor of Design, Illustration program.

I present to you my collection of works within my portfolio. My portfolio spans various mediums, as well as supports the visualization of my technical skills as an artist and illustrator. Within my submission, you will see art pieces that reference significant artist periods, illustrate physical movement and include atmospheric painting techniques.

Click the image below to view Adrienna’s Portfolio

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