My name is Alexia Mereuta and I’m an aspiring architect! I’ve always been passionate about design, trying to understand both its beauty and utility in everything I see! In my preparation to enter this world of design and innovation, I integrated art in my life through different art studies and self-initiated projects! As a student I’ve always been dedicated to my work, trying to not only know, but understand the world around me. It is this world understanding that makes me passionate about architecture; it is a profession that I believe will allow me to extend my understanding of different people, cultures, and environments! As an aspiring architect, I hope to be able to design in such a way that integrates and keeps in mind the culture, the environment and the needs and desires of the people who will be living in the transformed space. So with that in mind, I intend to get my master degree and become a licensed architect after I graduate, to be able to work alongside others and personally create spaces that the world needs today!

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