Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed being creative and using my imagination to express myself through art. Whether I’m sketching a design, painting a portrait or colouring a drawing, it brings me joy and a sense of peace. My artwork is an extension of myself. It lets me express my feelings and ideas – the best part is that through art I can share how I see the world with others. This brings me pleasure, inspiration and confidence in myself. I am very grateful to Facade Academy for the opportunity I’ve had to further explore and develop my artistic and creative skills. Merci!

In my spare time, I enjoy baking, decorating and photography. I also love spending time with my dog. I am an animal lover who finds inspiration in nature. In the fall, I will begin my first year of high school at Cardinal Carter Academy of the Arts  in Toronto. I’m very excited about the future and curious to see how the arts will continue to shape my life.

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