A doodle in a notebook can go from as small as a drawing to as big as a catastrophic art piece. This has always been what I go by as my philosophy of the arts. My name is Adrienna Sousa and I am a 14 years old student currently attending an art program at Façade Academy of the arts.

When it comes to art I find it difficult to stick to just one style when there are so many. I prefer to try new styles to increase my skills at a wide range. I enjoy getting involved in numerous cultural art styles and medium such as henna and mandala because I feel that every place in the world expresses itself in different art form. Academically, I always like to explore and be creative when it comes to art by experimenting with art techniques and pieces.

Furthermore, I hope to join a variety of club and be an active member of my school community, to gain more leadership skills and experience. My overall career goals are to become an animation special effects artist or a high school art teacher. No matter which career I chose, I will always try to incorporate the arts in it.

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