From a young age I already had an understanding of what the future was to hold for me. An early love for art helped propel me into many new areas that allowed me to express myself and show others who I am by just a glance at various artworks. As I started to age and grow my education, I started to begin focusing more on my surroundings and what is behind them. A love of art and science lead me to develop a fascination with what goes into such colossal skyscrapers that cover most cities. Soon realizing that I could be the creator behind these towering buildings, it gained my full attention in a potential career path even before I began my post-secondary education. This seemed to be the perfect fit, balancing art with physics, I kept this goal in mind throughout all my decisions. Once I began to focus on becoming an architect, I realized the necessary academic and artistic requirements needed for this path. This is when my portfolio process began for my post-secondary education, thanks to Facade Academy, where I thrived most in the art category developing my skills to the fullest. Currently starting my degree in architecture, I will continue to further develop these skills with the help of continuous new faces who each impact my art and creative styles. One of my goals for my future has already been achieved but this is nowhere near the end as there is still much more to accomplish.

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