“Do what makes your soul happy.”  – Anonymous

Growing up in this society can be stressful; trying to fit in with others in which you lose yourself, or trying to please others when you yourself aren’t like that. Success is seen that you have a stable job, wealthy, or popular. Many forget to keep what they hold close to their hearts. They are happy with the materialistic things, but forget to keep their soul happy.

My name is Jaslyn Dela Cruz. Art is my way of grounding me to what I truly love. It helps me with exploring new ideas and it helps me find who I am. Art is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Producing pieces is when I am at my peak, because I’m doing something I love. It expresses who I am when words cannot. I always look to improve myself from the challenges I face, meaning my art also develops with me to help express my true self. Joining Façade and soon the St. Elizabeth RAP program will definitely aid me in the journey of finding myself.

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