Hi, my name is Lora Rotondo and I am 18 years old. I have been attending Facade Academy of the Arts since I was 11 years old. Throughout my artistic journey, I have always been asked what my favourite medium is, but I could never really answer that question.

As a little girl, I loved arts and crafts, and as I got older, I discovered I wanted to dive deeper into the world of art. During my time at Facade Academy, I both discovered and developed my artistic abilities.  I was exposed to new mediums, both by hand and through the digital world and I realized that the arts was what I wanted to study.  I made the decision to begin my post-secondary education in design and hopefully pursue a career in Graphic Design. I found a love and passion for creating art both digitally and by hand, and I feel that by selecting the career path of a graphic designer I can do just that.

After completing Facade’s Portfolio Program, and the personal guidance I received by Mina, I applied to and was accepted into York University’s Design program, where I will no doubt continue to develop my skills in design and one day reach my goal of becoming a graphic designer.

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