Whether it is for hobby, academic or professional development, your time spent with us is a wonderful investment toward your future and success.  Your journey through Façade Academy can be personalized and customized to your goals.  We are committed to providing you with the best: experience, opportunities, skills and results.  As a convenience to our students we offer different payment plans and options to ensure that we accommodate you to enhance your experience with us.

Here is how we do it:

  • Complete our Registration Form (all new and current students)
  • Arrange a consultation (all new and current students)
  • Identify your: goals, needs and wants for us
  • Recommend essential: programs, workshops, certificates and features
  • Organize your choices within a timeline toward your goals
  • Develop a plan to initiate and reach your goals
  • Customize the plan to fit your lifestyle
  • Evaluate your progress to ensure you are on the right track
  • Mentor you through your journey toward success

This is an important process and we would like to offer you the following options:

General Interest Program Tuition Packages:

If you would like to enroll into 2 or more programs within the year, please inquire about package options.

These packages can be customized and are loaded with extra features, complimentary promotions, special offers and special offers.


Program Payment Plans:

Please note: these plans are applicable to termed programs/general interest programs only.  The following will be organized using: pre-authorized payments and/or post-dated cheques. Portfolio Programs, Portfolio Bootcamp, Workshops, Spring Break Camp, Summer Camp and private classes must be paid in advance to secure your spot and cover the cost of the instructor, specialty tools and equipment that will be necessary to purchase in advance.

Payment Dates for General Interest Programs:

We offer a 2nd installment payment plan if registered by the term deadline. Please inquire about dates and fees. 

Private Classes:

Private classes are sold in packages of a minimum of 10 classes.  To secure your spot, we highly recommend you book in advance.

We require full payment of all private classes in advance as there are limited spots available.  Failure to do so will open your spot to other students.

Methods of Payment:

We accept: Cash  /   Cheque  /  VISA  /  Master Card  /  Interac /Amex

Terms & Conditions:


Adherence to the terms listed above is essential to secure your spot.  Failure to do so will reserve our right to cancel your enrolment.  An additional $25 charge will be added to your balance to re-enroll within the current program/s you are taking.

Policies and  Procedures:

Click HERE for full list.


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