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Make-up Artistry

Make-up Artistry
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Make-up Artistry

Make-Up has become such an essential part of women’s lives daily and within the corporate world.  It is one of the key contributing factors in the aesthetic appeal of: theatre, film, photography and entertainment.  Throughout history women have used a variety of items to enhance their beauty.  Over time the use of make-up and the skill of make-up artistry has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  It is the key ingredient that fuels other arts industries.  On a more personal level, make-up enhances our image and can influence first impressions.  For those who are passionate about beauty and would like to pursue it as a career or for general self interest, we recommend learning from a working make-up artist, who will give you the confidence to work on various projects that each present unique challenges.  Our specialized programs will train you in handling clients; understanding and translating the vision of each project, shoot etiquette, trouble-shooting and a wide range of skills and tricks of the trade in each style of make-up artistry.  In its nature it presents varied work.  It is never consistent and one must always stay current with trends and techniques.  There is no previous experience required to enroll into our make-up artistry programs, students will learn basic fundamentals, personal image, right through to full applications in: broadway, runway, film and special effects.



 FALL TERM (Sept.-Dec.-16 weeks)

WINTER TERM (Jan.-Apr.-12 weeks)

SPRING TERM (Apr.-Jun.-12 weeks)

SUMMER TERM (Jul.-Aug. -8 weeks)


Intermediate Make-Up Applications 

Students will receive an overview of the fundamental techniques they will require for self application and industry work.  Classes range from basic application and theory, to special effects. After completing this program students will have knowledge, understanding and experience working in a variety of styles.  At the end of the term students will have the opportunity to showcase their talent in a photo shoot.  Make-Up Kit Required!


Level 1 Advanced Make-Up Application 

The advanced Make-Up Artistry program will consist of industry-essential classes that prepare students to work as professionals and teach them how to uphold strong, positive reputations with their clientele. Classes range from basic application and theory to makeup design of special effects. Upon completing this program, students will have advanced knowledge, understanding and experience working on a large assortment of projects that vary in style, and model types.  At the end of the program students will have the opportunity to showcase their talent in a photo shoot.  Make-Up Kit Required!


Level 2 Professional Make-Up Application 

In this program students will learn to expand their knowledge of the fast-paced industry. Our curriculum was developed to provide a thorough understanding of this profession and the broad opportunities the field provides. We will offer classes that involve vital career tools such as resume planning, portfolio building, and essentially assist in branding the student to ensure a positive image in the cosmetic field. Imperative classes such as client consultations, product knowledge, and diverse companies’ histories/reputations will guarantee the student an extensive comprehension of how to market themselves in this limitless business.

Prerequisite — Level 1 Advanced Make-Up Application


Level 3 Professional Make-Up Artistry Certification

This program sets students up for starting a business and developing a competitive portfolio and strong presentation. Students will learn the business aspect of make-up artistry and learn marketing to include business cards, website development and design of other marketing collateral. Students will discover all the necessary outlets to image consulting, sales, branding, invoicing and finding cliental. Students will also learn how to conduct a consultation with clients. Upon completing this program, students will have a professional make-up artistry certification from Façade Academy of the Arts and a fully customized professional make-up business in addition to all the knowledge to succeed in the industry.

Prerequisite — Level 2 Professional Make-Up Application

**NOTE: 4 additional specialized workshops required to complete certification. CLICK HERE to view our specialized workshops.

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