Sassy, shy, stylish, sincere, sarcastic and sensitive are some of the words I would use to describe my personality. When it comes to my education I am a dedicated and ambitious student who continuously seeks ways to excel and challenge myself. I am passionate about my talent and aspirations and always take the initiative to find schools, mentors and opportunities that will help guide me in the right direction.

Currently I am attending St. Elizabeth High School. I am a part of the student RAP Program. It is unique in its efforts to provide their students with a variety of opportunities and experience in specific fields of study. My parents and I chose this school because it would provide me with a strong foundation and a chance to explore my interests. Previous to St. Elizabeth, I was enrolled at Kleinburg Public, where I: displayed my artwork in galleries around the school, assisted to design and organize the yearbook, joined the school choir, was a part of the art and décor team for seasonal events and assisted younger grades with their reading.

Outside of school I have taken initiative toward my goals. I am currently working with Mina Spremulli at Façade Academy where I am learning all the principles and elements of design in depth and getting specialized training in portfolio and academic preparations. Façade Academy provides me with opportunities and experience in academic, personal and career development that have allowed me to grow and gain exposure as an artist.

I aspire to become a well known designer and artist. Façade Academy provides me with the right fundamentals to prepare me for my acceptance to Ryerson University, where I will pursue my profession. Being a part of St. Elizabeth’s student body has also enhanced and broadened my experiences as an artist because of the incredible program and student art groups that they are well known for, which I am very excited to be a part of.