We’ve done it again! We never settle for the ordinary here at Facade! As summer has been coming to an end, our talented instructors Ashley Campana, with assistance from Sarah Hernandez, custom designed our courtyard picnic table. Our Creative Expression Picnic Table is the place for our imagination to be set free and for the ideas to flow. It is done with a very fluid and free zentangle pattern and as an accent, our signature shade of colorful turquoise. According to the Luscher Colour Test, the colour turquoise can be invigorating, cooling and calming! It is good for clearing mental strain and even tiredness (must be why our students are always so full of energy!).  It also heightens communication, sensitivity and creativity while promoting friendships and sharing.  Here at facade we are constantly creating an inspirational atmosphere for our students to work in! All of our creative work definitely seems to positively effect our students which is reflected in their artwork. IMAGINATION happens everywhere at facade even right outside our doors!  ✏

cdacdas  1

Priming and setting down our base colors…

IMG_5925     IMG_5928

IMG_5930     IMG_5935

cdacdas  3

Laying down our logo…



Completion of our original zentangle Design…

IMG_6001     IMG_6002

IMG_6004     IMG_6011


Adding on some inspirational words…

IMG_6027     IMG_6043


Enjoying our creative expression picnic table!