Façade Academy of the Arts was honoured to serve as the 2015 Vaughan Film Festival‘s Creative Sponsors for the third year in a row.
Since the festivals inception, Façade and our partner Airport Railings have been creating dazzling stage set-ups and creative art installations to complement the festival’s grand finale at the VFF Awards.
For this year’s big event on May 28, 2015, we went truly larger than life with our Magical Imaginarium three-tiered art installation. Standing at over 10 feet tall, the custom-designed piece was a culmination of many Façade students and instructors work for the better part of this year.
It started with the initial vision and concept by our Creative Director, who customizes a new VFF presentation for our Academy every year. She creates an interactive experience, taking viewers through the mind of an artist in different forms. After initial concept sketches, she presents them to the team and implements a production schedule in which the team executes to perfection.


For months, the team planned and sketched out the design and honed in on the vision for the “larger than life” fantasy theme. We calculated the measurements for the many different pieces to fit properly, stand up-right, and make our multi-level approach work. We cut, sanded, glued and painted day and night to construct each piece to perfection. And at the end, we carefully lifted up each of the three 10-foot panels we had constructed, roped twinkle-light vines from the trees, and set up our main characters in their magical forest, creating a world our guests can step into for a moment and let their imaginations soar.
With this custom Imaginarium, we aimed to peak inside the mind of an artist. We wanted to create a world of wonder, where everything is fun, colourful and embraces nature. We drew inspiration from the surreal environments of such artistic films as Alice in Wonderland, Into the Woods, and more.

Photo May 14, 5 40 35 PM

Our Creative Director’s hope was to instill a sense of adventure and curiousity in the viewer and take them on an artistic journey through the magical forest we created.
Our fantasy woodsland characters, painted by some of our talented students, stand on their own outside of the backdrop, creating a interactive experience that you can walk around and feel like you’re part of.
Our giant mushroom, standing at 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide, is painted with different colourful patterns on each of it’s 12 panels, creating a wonderful 3D fan effect as you walk around it.
This project was a really great journey in itself, and we couldn’t be happier with the turnout and with the amazing creativity and hard work from our amazing Façade team.

The students that deserve a special thank you for being a part of the VFF2015 team are:

Sofia Cerasuolo, Mia Bozzo, Sabrina Guglietti, Michael Ortiz, Olivia Tommasetti, Courtney Duncan, Ariana Cafazzo, Kimberly Grovu, Tristan Grovu and Ariana Russo.

We’d also like to thank our instructors Ashely Campana, Vincent Spremulli and Alicia Condarcuri.

We are so thankful for all your help that made this set design a huge success!



We love giving students these special opportunities to be a part of the community and add their artwork to a local cultural event.
We really believe these types of events truly brighten our community with our student’s fantastic artwork, and enhance the skills and experience of our students, readying them for the real world.
It’s great to be recognized in Vaughan for our student’s hard work and always getting them to try bigger and better things.
We’ll be back with yet another Façade original design for the 2016 Vaughan Film Festival!


For an in-depth look at what went into the making of our set design, look through our photo gallery!

The Imaginarium Art Installation is now on display at the Façade Window Gallery.

Come by to check it out or look through or photo gallery here

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Photo May 14, 4 26 43 PM

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Photo Apr 27, 9 57 40 PMPhoto Apr 27, 9 47 10 PM

Photo Apr 27, 7 50 15 PM


Photo Apr 27, 10 52 09 PMPhoto Apr 23, 12 47 23 PMPhoto Apr 23, 12 47 12 PMPhoto Apr 23, 12 47 07 PMPhoto Apr 23, 6 21 09 PMPhoto Apr 23, 6 20 53 PM