“3…2…1… LET’S PAINT!”, the audience counts down as 12 talented artists buckle down to create a painting for Art Battle #269.

Art Battle Canada is an art competition that holds events in cities across the country, and it’s been growing into a huge event over the past few years.
Façade Academy entered a local Art Battle to compete against 11 other talented artists, and gain experience in the competition to help our students challenge themselves creatively.

Art Battle #269 at Spot1 Bar and Grill in Brampton, May 14, 2015

Check out video from Art Battle #269 here!

Since Art Battle began, hundreds of talented artists have participated to complete beautiful art and hopefully head to the regional championships.
While it is a fun and creative process to challenge yourself to make a painting in only 20 minutes, it’s still a battle – and there can only be ONE winner!
Façade Instructor and Marketing Assistant, Alicia Condarcuri, decided to enter her first ever Art Battle to see what it’s like and to recommend it to some of Façade’s students.


Alicia Condarcuri paints at Art Battle #269

The task is daunting – 12 artists compete across 3 rounds of live painting, each round only 20 minutes long.
The audience votes to determine the champion and all paintings are available in silent auction. The winner advances to the regional finals with a chance to qualify for the 2015 National Championship.


The creative process up close – especially in such a short time frame – is a creative journey unfolding before your eyes.
Each canvas goes from blank to beautiful in 20 minutes. Seeing the creative process  is really fascinating.


Our instructor Alicia loved the experience and says it’s really exhilarating to be painting for a live audience that circle the workstation in a “slow tornado”.
“It was a really great experience to push your boundaries and see what you can create within the short time frame,” she said.

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She highly recommends going in with some practice and a couple of ideas (in case you make it to the final round!). You should also time yourself at home for 20 minutes to see if your idea is feasible.
Also, since many techniques can only be applied to dry paint, you’ll have to keep in mind that all the paint will probably stay wet throughout the 20 minutes.
In the 20 minutes, take the following into consideration:
-You are working with wet paint, consider your blending options
-Familiarize yourself with the tools. You are only allowed to bring your own brushes and non-mechanical tools (ie. pallet knives, ruler etc.)
-You are limited in the quantity of paint you use, so plan how much you think you’ll need in advance.
-You are limited in colour choices


Façade Academy will be back at another Art Battle very soon!

We definitely encourage our students to sign up for an Art Battle! 

You can find all the upcoming events on their Event Calendar, and more information on their website.

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